Monday, July 2, 2012

RUPEE OUTLOOK ~ How Rupee Can Be Saved From Falling ?

"Indian Rupee"
Indian Rupee have seen many ups and down from last few months. It had also breached to the lowest level but now from last few days it had started gaining momentum again. Here are some ideas which will show you the way by which Indian Rupee can be saved from falling. have a look :- 

Naina Kidwai head of HSBC stated that there are certain things like millennium bonds which can surely save Indian Rupee from falling. Let's see how ? He said that if the money is just beyond the falls, it will be painful. Idea of millennium bond is not bad because this will bring dollar in the country and which can stop temporarily downfall in the Indian Rupee. Resurgent India Bonds and India Millennium Deposit India through The Diaspora was raised, in order to overcome the problem of balance of payments. On the other hand RBI Governor Mr D Subbarao is not giving strong support to this issue but soon this will be taken care.

What Effects The Value Of Rupee ?

The value of a currency, like any traded goods or services, depends on demand and supply. If there is more demand of dollars in the currency market and is not adequately matched by the supply, other things remaining equal, the rupee price of dollar will go up or the rupee will depreciate. Conversely, if the supply of dollar is higher than the demand, the rupee will appreciate. We are referring to dollar as it is the most preferred hard currency for cross-border transactions.

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