Friday, March 30, 2012

Indian Stock Market Trading Strategy || Smart Trading Rules

Share market is very volatile and dynamic by nature, here are some advises and tips which will show you the way to invest wisely in intraday stocks.

1.Investigate before invest :-
The most common mistake that stock market investors make is failing to thoroughly investigate the stocks they purchase.This leads them to misconception and can not result are putting your own money at risk, so you should know what you are buying or selling in the market.Always use your own brain and rely on facts rather than myths.

2.Always consider tips from experienced persons and technical analyst :-
There are many people in the stock market who spend all their time and effort in promoting certain stocks.They do this because they have their money invested in those stocks. If they can get enough people to buy the stock and they can get the stock price to rise, they will sell the stock for a huge price, the stock price will crash and they will walk off to promote another stock. That is why it is advised to follow tips from experienced persons and technical analyst.

3.Only invest money which you can afford to loose :-
You should only invest money that you can honestly afford to lose. Everyone enters into investments with the idea of earning big profits, but in many cases, this never works.

4.Always follow strict stop loss and margin of safety :-
Stop loss is a must while trading intraday.The goal of any stock market investor should be to buy stocks for less than they are really worth. This difference between the stock market's price and our estimate of value is called the margin of safety.

5.Learn from stock market history :-
 History does tend to repeat itself, bubbles do burst and economies go in cycles. Not knowing stock market history is a major handicap. But also remember not to fully rely on historical data.

6. Do not panic when the stock market is down :-
Market is the place where high and low is the all time trend . If it is low today then tommorow its high day for sure,never panic ,be brave and move on.It is not necessary that a stock which is weak today during intraday trading might be weak tomorrow also, simultaneously if a stock is strong today might not be strong tomorrow.

On the contrary,stock market is calling you by opening its both arms and now you have a general overview about intraday trading in india and the above advises and tips will surely help you to gain more and more profit, so go and enjoy stock market.

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